Now that you've programmed the accessory to follow the mouse, you need a way to stamp the accessory onto the stage.

From the pen menu, drag out a stamp block.

Click it, then move the accessory.

Notice that the sprite is now stamped on the stage.

Making the sprite stamp is easy, but how do you make the accessory stamp while it's following the mouse?

To run the stamp block now, you have to click it.

What you can't do while the accessory is following the mouse.

To trigger the stamp to run, you'll need an event.

From the Events menu, drag out a when key pressed event block and attach it to the stamp block.

Notice that the key in the drop down is sent to space key.

Try it out.

Click the flag.

Move the accessory around and when you want to stamp the accessory press the space key.


Now you can move the accessory around the stage and stamp it.

The stage is getting a little too crowded.

To clear stamps when this program starts.

Add a clear block between the when flag clicked and forever blocks.

The stylist can now create a new set of accessories each time the flag is clicked.

Now it's your turn.

Combine a stamp block with a when key pressed event to stamp the accessory on the stage.

Clear the stamps from the screen using a clear block.

In the next video, you'll get a chance to change up your accessories.


  1. Add a "'when this sprite clicked" event.
  2. Create a stamp of the accessory when you click the sprite.
  3. Clear the screen when the green flag is clicked.