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Hello and welcome to day 7 of Google CS First Friends.

Today, you and your friend will imagine a company you might start together.

You'll discuss the company name.

Imagine the product your company would sell.

And brainstorm how you would communicate with an audience about that product.

Finally, you'll each build a commercial for the product you imagined.

It's gonna be great.

I think so.

Many companies were created by co-founders who started as friends.

College friends Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss discussed their ideas for businesses regularly over lunch.

And one day, Jennifer Hyman imagined how cool it would be to rent expensive clothing for special occasions from a website.

And a company, Rent the Runway, was born.

The friends pitched this mix of fashion and tech to investors.

And received an investment of almost $2 million dollars to start their business.

Now they rent more than 65,000 clothing items.

And their company is valued at $250 million dollars.

And it has 287 employees.

Wow, a simple idea like that can turn into a great business.

That's right, and all ideas start with small steps, like the ones that you and your friend will complete today.

After you watch this video, open your passport to the Day 7, Create a Company page.

Work with your friend to brainstorm the answers to questions on the page, like Jason and I have done here.

What product will our company sell?

We'll discover that.

Today's start project contains a set of costumes we can use to represent our product.

Let's look at it to get some ideas.


Our company can make a chair that automatically adjusts to their right height when someone sits in it.

That would be cool.

I also like the snowman.

We can have a company that designs clothing for snowmen.

That's awesome, I love it, it's excellent.

We could rent the clothing since no one needs snowmen clothes during the summer.

We could have a website for renting clothing.

I like that.

Okay, so our product is rental clothing for snowmen.

That's right.

And the sprite that represents our product is the snowman.

Okay, how much does our product cost?

Maybe $19.95?

Yeah, it sounds pretty professional.

The next question is: What is our company name?

Remember on the internet, we should never share private information like our last names or home address.

Maybe a company name like Snowman Clothes.

Mmm, Snowman Swag?

Yeah, Snowman Swag, I like that.

Snowman Swag Company.

Finally, we have to think about what the audience will be for our commercials.

One thing about the audience for the commercial, it helps to imagine one person you know and what kind of commercial they might like.

For example, if you want to sell a product to moms all over the world, imagine creating a commercial for your mom that would persuade her.

Cool, I'll imagine selling snowman clothes to mom, so my audience will be my mom.

Okay, well I would imagine selling snowman clothes to people like you and me, so my audience is gonna be you, Jason.

Great, I can't wait to see your commercial designed just for me.

Sounds like we have a plan.

Let's get started coding.

Taylor will take you through the steps to build your project, and I will see you in the last video.

See ya.

Bye Jason.

Now it's your turn.

Open your passport to the day 7 page.

Work with your friend to answer the questions about your company.

Then, open the starter project to see the product costumes available for you to use.

Decide who your audience is.

Go back to your individual computers, and watch the next video to start building your commercials.

Don't spend too much time brainstorming about your company.

You can build many companies in the future, so this idea doesn't need to be perfect, and you'll each want lots of time to build your commercials.

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Open the starter project to see the product costumes available.
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