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3. Pitch Your Product


In this video, you'll think about the audience for your commercial and add some elements that will appeal to them.

You will communicate to your audience 3 important pieces of information about your company: its name, your product, and how much your product costs.

First, click the remix button.

This project contains the product sprite with several different costumes for you to choose from.

You and your friend discussed your audiences after the last video.

Take a look at your passport to remind yourself what you decided.

A successful innovator always keeps his or her audience in mind and uses the audience’s tastes and preferences to guide design decisions.

For example, you might want your product to appear fun and exciting, dependable, easy to use, or affordable, depending on what you think your audience likes.

You would most likely pitch a product very differently to your friends than to your mom.

Put yourself in the audience’s shoes, and add a background to your commercial that you think will appeal most to them.

The audience for this example is Jason.

Choose the sprite costume that represents your product!

Check your passport if you've forgotten which costume you and your friend chose.

Next, consider your message.

It should contain at least three points of information: the product your company sells, the cost of the product, and your company name.

There are many ways to add this information to your commercial.

Just as you did in previous projects, you can have one of your sprites tell the information using "say" blocks and the "when flag clicked” event block.

You could also choose to display the information as a sprite with a different costume for each sentence, like this example.

To build your text as a new sprite, click the "paint new sprite" button, then the "convert to vector" button.

In the costumes editor tab, click the text button.

Click inside the editor, and type your first line of text.

This example company uses the line "Don't let your snowman look boring!" but you should type whatever is right for your company and your audience.

Try different fonts, or styles of writing, by selecting your text and changing the options in the font menu.

If you don't see the font menu or changing the font doesn't change your text, click the Text tool again, and click inside your text to make sure it is selected.

When you try the change again, it should work!!

To add more text, click the paint new costume button, and repeat the steps for each line.

Click on a line of text, and move it to another area of the paint editor if you run out of room.

Making each line of text its own costume allows you to show your company information one line at a time by switching the sprite’s costume.

You can make the costume switch automatically by adding code to your project.

Click on the scripts tab and the looks menu.

Drag out the “switch costumes” block.

Change the dropdown to the other costume, and click the block to try it.

The costume switches to display a different line of text.


Add “switch costume” blocks for each of the costumes you created, and stack them together in the order you want your text displayed.

Click on the stack to test it.

It looks like nothing happens!

The computer is following the switch costume instructions so fast, you can't see it.

Add “wait” blocks between your "switch costume" blocks and adjust the values to give your audience enough time to read your information.

Try it again.

That's better!

Now, the costume switches, waits two seconds, then switches to the next costume, giving the audience plenty of time to read the text.

Tinker with the values in the “wait” blocks until you are happy with the length of time between text lines.

Computer scientists frequently experiment with different values to find out what works best in their projects.

Add a "when flag clicked" block from the events menu so your commercial displays information when the flag is clicked.

Now it's your turn!

First, click the starter project link, click remix, and sign in to Scratch.

Keep your audience in mind as you add a background.

Use “say” or “switch costume” blocks to add the product you sell, the cost of the product, and your company name.

Use the snowman project as an example, but your project should describe the company started by you and your friend.

At the end of today, you'll show your friend the unique commercial you created!

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  1. Remix the starter project.
  2. Appeal to your audience by adding a background.
  3. Choose the product costume that represents your product.
  4. Include information about your product, the cost of your product, and your company name.