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5. Sell with Sound


In this video, you'll add sound to your commercial to make it more dynamic and exciting.

Click on the Sounds tab, and choose a sound to play in the background of your commercial.

On the Scripts tab, click the Sounds menu, and drag out a "play sound until done" block.

Click on the block to try it out.

[music plays] Sounds good.

Add a “forever" block so that the music will play continuously while the commercial runs.

Try it out.

[music plays and repeats] Great.

Now the music plays continuously, but only when the block stack is clicked.

Add a "When flag clicked" block to make the music and the commercial start at the same time. Try that.

[music plays] Awesome.

Now the music starts when the commercial begins.

It is important to use the "play sound until done" block here instead of the "play sound" block because the "until done" ensures that the sound plays to the end before it plays again.

This sound seems a little loud for background music.

Add a "set volume to" block after the "when flag clicked" block, and tinker with its value until you like the volume of the music.

[music plays softly] [music plays louder] Nice job.

Explore adding other sounds to your commercial.

Now it's your turn.

Add sound to your commercial to make it more appealing and exciting!

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  1. Add background music using a "play sound until done" block.
  2. Play the music continuously using a "forever loop" and a "when flag clicked" block.
  3. To adjust the volume of the music, use the "set volume to" block.
  4. Explore adding sound to one or more "when I receive" blocks.