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8. Wrap-up: Create a Company


Welcome back, Jason.

Thanks! How did coding your commercial go today?

It was really cool. Check it out!

Hey that's great! Thank you!

In today's project, we used an important computer science concept, broadcast.

Broadcast allows one sprite to send a message, or cue, to the other sprites in your project.

And, today, we were all business innovators.

You imagined a company that you and a friend could start together, came up with a product, and created a commercial to pitch your idea.

I hope you and your friend had a great time imagining your company.

I certainly enjoyed brainstorming Snowman Swag with you, Tayor!

Snowman Swag. It's awesome!

Check out this video of Maddy Maxey and find out how technology inspires her fashion design.

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend, who was like, "What if cashmere sweaters don't shrink in the wash?"

And it's like, this shouldn't be a problem, that we're making clothing that shrinks after you buy it.

What if clothing and luxury fibers didn't shrink in the wash?

What if we had clothing that regulated your temperature at all times?

What if we had tracking devices on our clothing so I couldn't lose things anymore?

My name is Maddy Maxey. I live in New York City.

I'm 20 years old, and I work at the intersection of fashion and technology.

As far as working in the fashion industry, things got really exciting when I was around sixteen. I got a scholarship for school from Teen Vogue.

And then I interned that spring with Tommy Hilfiger for their runway show.

And, I realized that there's this whole industry surrounding the making of garments.

In order to dream big in the field of future fashion, I think it's essential to know a little bit about code.

In the future, clothing will be fully responsive to our bodies.

When my body's getting warm, the clothing cools it down.

When I'm cold, it warms up.

As it shifts from day to night, my clothes may illuminate.

The building blocks of all of these innovations are having an understanding of code.

I knew a lot of people who were starting fashion companies, and will be like, "Oh, I need somebody to build my website."

and I always responded, "Well, why don't you learn to build it yourself?"

And generally the answer's like, "Oh, I'm not good at code, I'm not good at math," you know.

I'm not good at all of these things, and it's not really a question of what you're good or bad at. It's a question of what you want to learn.

I firmly believe that if you get involved with code now, you'll be able to help build the future of the fashion industry.

Maddy has a ton of ideas!

She would be a great friend to start a company with!

She would!

Keep bouncing your ideas off of your friends. Who knows what you'll come up with!

Next club, you will create an interactive digital scrapbook.

While you're waiting for your clubmates to finish the wrap-up, take a moment to write a shout-out to someone who helped you in the club today, or to say thanks to your club Guru.

See you next time at Google CS First Friends!

Have fun creating and coding.

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