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arrow_back Talking about the Future


This add-on will show you how to personalize your project for your friend by making it talk about the choices.

This add-on is a challenge, and it teaches a new concept.

Use your persistence and curiosity to complete it!

Start by talking about the homes.

Click on the homes sprite.

The computer needs to know which costume the Imaginator selected before it can comment on the choice.

Click on the “costumes” tab.

Notice that each costume has a number associated with it in the top left corner.

Scratch can tell what costume is showing by checking this number.

Computer scientists use a tool called a “conditional” to check whether something in a program is true.

One example of a conditional is an “if” statement.

That is what you will use to complete this add-on.

From the control menu, drag out the “if/then” block.

This block contains a hexagon-shaped space.

This is where you will place the “condition” that the computer is checking.

In this case, the computer will check if the costume number equals a specific number.

Go to the operators menu, and find the hexagon-shaped “equals” block.

Drag it out, and place it inside the “if” block.

The program will check whether the costume number equals a specific number.

From the “looks” menu, place the “costume #” block on the left side of the “equals” block.

On the right side, enter the costume number.

This example will use 1.

Next, fill in what should happen if the costume # is equal to 1.

To make the sprite talk about the Imaginator’s selection, go to the “looks” menu, and place a “say” block inside the “if” block.

Then, fill in what the home sprite will say.

If the costume # equals 1, the castle costume has been selected.

For this example, when the castle is selected it says “You’ll live in a castle!

It will be magical!”

Do this for each of the costumes.

The only things that need to change are the numbers in the “equals” blocks and the words the sprite says.

Since the code is so similar, you can copy the code you just created instead of building new code for every sprite.

To copy code, right click on it, and select “duplicate.”

To “right click, press the mouse button on the right, rather than the left one that you usually press.

Finally, place the “if” block in the correct spots in the code.

The program should wait until the Imaginator selects a home, then talk about it.

Place the “if” blocks after the “repeat until” loop.

Now the code reads “repeat changing costumes until the spacebar is pressed.

After the spacebar is pressed, check if the costume number is equal to 1.

If it is, say ‘You’ll live in a castle!

It will be magical!’ If the costume number is 2, say ‘You’ll live in a ranch house with an awesome garden.’” Add as many if statements for as many costumes as you’d like.

Click the flag, then press the spacebar.

When the Imaginator selects a home you wrote text for, the home sprite says it.

Follow these same steps for the job costumes or the other sprite you added to your project.

Now it’s your turn: Use the “if,” “equals,” “costume #,” and “say” blocks to make the sprite say something about the chosen costume.

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