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Welcome to Google CS First Friends.

My name is Taylor.

And my name is Jason.

Over the next eight days of this club we will lead you through a computer science exploration.

And you'll create some exciting and interesting projects for a friend.

So you'll build projects for me.

That's right and you'll build projects for me.

Well that's awesome.

Today you'll learn what computer science is.

See the friendship-themed projects we'll make.

And finally make your very first program.

Computer science uses computers to make amazing projects.

Also called programs That allow people to entertain, Solve problems, Do work, And save time.

You'll learn many different ways computer science relates to things you do and see every day.

You might be surprised.

People use computer science to build all kinds of projects and solve many types of problems.

From collecting health data about athletes during a game, To studying animal computer interaction to make it easier for service dogs to assist their humans in the home.

You'll be introduced to some of the incredible creations people build.

And problems people solve using computer science.

When this club ends, you and a friend will have a collection of your own stories and games.

And quizzes you made while learning computer science.

Take a look at some sample projects you'll get to build over the next eight club sessions.

On day two you'll build a project with two truths and a lie to see how well your club friend knows you.

Do you think you'll guess my lie?

I definitely will.

Oh yeah. (laughs)

On day three you'll create a project that predicts your friends future job and home.

I want to live in an apartment.

Okay I'll keep that in mind.

Please do.

On day four you'll create an animated story that explains how you and your friend met.

On day five you'll create a texting animation that will tell the story of a conversation between you and your friend.

On day six you'll build a cooperative game where two people work together to get a high score.

Good, I love games.


On day seven the two of you will imagine a company you could start together and build a commercial to promote your product.

And on the final day you'll build a scrapbook to highlight your favorite parts of the club and collect memories of the time you spent with your friend.

You'll work with someone each day.

This could be someone that you just met or a friend who came to the club with you.

Follow the activity instructions each day to see how you and your friend will work together.

Taylor will take you through the next steps for exploring scratch but I'll be back at the end of the club.

I can't wait to see what you create today.

See you later.

See you Jason.

(bell chimes)


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