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6. Sequencing in the World Around You


Hey Taylor! Did you like my story about how we met?

I did! I thought it was awesome!

Yeah, it was really great.

In today’s project, you sequenced code to write your story.

Computer scientists sequence code all the time.

For example, Computer Scientists program robots that help doctors perform surgeries using step by step instructions.

The robots can have steadier hands than a human.

Computer scientists in Scratch sequence code too!

If you explore projects that other Scratch developers made, you may see that some of them have a lot of code!

In this example, 6 computer scientists worked together to build all the code to make a dragon game.

Yeah, that's pretty amazing.

Each person built some part of the project.

That's right! And then the team sequenced all the pieces of code in the correct order to make the game work!

That's pretty amazing. Maybe we should start a collaborative project together!

Yeah, I was just thinking that!

Until next time, have fun creating and coding!

See ya next time!

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