In this video, you will set the scene for your story by selecting characters and a setting.

First, choose two Androids to represent you and your friend.

Each of the Androids has 14 costumes, different ways that sprites can look.

To change a costume, click the first Android, then click on the Costumes tab.

Click on a costume to select it as your representation, then click on the other sprite.

Click the Costumes tab and choose a costume to represent your friend.

Next, choose the setting, or where the story takes place.

Click choose new backdrop from library.

Select a setting for your story.

Once you've selected your two characters and a setting, you may want to resize your sprites.

You can move them by dragging them around the screen.

In the next video, you'll start telling your story.

Now it's your turn.

First, choose a costume for the Androids that represent you and your friend.

Finally, add a backdrop.


  1. Choose a costume for the sprites.
  2. Add a backdrop.