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In this add-on, you will learn how to upload and import images from other projects, as well as how to present your scrapbook project to the greater Scratch community.

One way to import objects from other projects is to use the backpack.

The backpack is a holding place for code or sprites you want to re-use between projects.

Open another project, it doesn't have to be your own, then click on the backpack.

Choose items you like in the project, such as code, sprites, backdrops or sounds and drag them into the backpack.

When you open your scrapbook project, you can click on the backpack and drag those favorite items into your scrapbook.

Use the backpack to reuse anything you think is cool or interesting.

Another fun feature in Scratch is the ability to save the screen.

Choose another project in Scratch and press the green flag to watch the project play.

At any point, right click the stage and select save a picture of stage.

You can download this picture onto your computer.

You can upload this picture to your scrapbook either as a sprite or a backdrop.

Use this idea to present your favorite project or sprite.

Scratch is much bigger than just the projects you focused on building in this club.

In fact, it's a global community.

Over four million people use the Scratch website to share, remix and enjoy each other's projects.

Scratch provides a project page, as well as a profile for you to do this.

Click on See Project Page, on this new page, you can give the project a name, tell a little bit about how to use the project, and include notes or credits.

On this page, there are other social tools you can use when you share the project.

When you click the star button, it marks the project as a favorite.

The heart means you love it.

The Studio button adds the project to a studio or a mini-community where you and your friends can create projects together.

On the far right is how many times your project has been seen by others.

Finally, you can leave comments to tell others what you think about their projects.

Remember to be respectful and courteous as part of following Scratch's community guidelines.

Remember, don't share personal information, like your first and last name, home address, email, or phone number.

You can share a few of your likes and some of the things you are working on.

Remember you can access Scratch even after CS First is over.

Scratch can become a community where you can share and explore, have fun!

Now it's your turn, use the backpack and Save Screen function to to upload images into your scrapbook project, add information to describe your project in the project page.

Become a community member of Scratch by following your friends, updating your profile, and commenting on other's projects.

Choose an Add-On

Inside Joke (Challenge)

Program something funny especially for your friend.


Add background music to your project.

Pop In

Make your sprites show and hide.

Memory Collector

Learn how to use the backpack, save images of your project, and present what you’ve built to the larger Scratch community.


  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!
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  • "Scrapbook Starter project remix" by cs10312 ( -- Licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0 (