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1. Scrapbook Introduction


Hello! It’s your last day of Google CS First Friends.

I hope you enjoyed the club!

I know I had a great time.

Me too!

Today you will build a scrapbook to celebrate you and your friend’s experiences in CS First.

You will use computer science events to change the backdrop, so it looks like turning pages in a scrapbook!

Scrapbooks contain decorative pages that allow people to share their memories and experiences with others.

A scrapbook might include photos and other mementos, such as newspaper clippings, announcements, ticket stubs, or flowers.

The scrapbook you build today will be a digital collection of your CS First memories!

People use computer science to collect, preserve, maintain, and archive digital artifacts, Just like pasting items into a paper scrapbook!

This is broadly known as “curation.”

Examples of curation include huge projects, such as digitizing the world’s libraries, Or there are personal projects, like posting on the social media sites Facebook and Pinterest.

Even Scratch allows users to curate their projects in the form of studios.

Today’s project will give you the chance to share some things you learned in CS First Friends and reflect on the experiences you had in this club.

When you reflect, you think about what you learned and how those lessons apply to your own life and the world around you.

That way, you can draw on your memories to guide you through similar situations in the future.

I know I do that a lot! You sure do!

Let’s look back at what we’ve done together in CS First.

Remember your first project when you made a list of five things about your friendship?

Yeah, that was fun!

In 2 Truths and a Lie, you learned about conditional statements.

You used loops to help imagine your friend’s future.

In “Our Story,” you wrote about how you and your friend met, using sequenced code.

Then you created a text message story about your friendship in the future.

Don’t forget making the high score for your cooperative game and using teamwork to build a company!

I guess we really do have a lot to reflect on from this Google CS First club!

It's been really, really awesome!

Use today’s project to reflect on what you learned, then create a scrapbook that shares those memories and reflections.

What was your favorite project in CS First Friends?

What are your best memories?

Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

Those are lots of good questions!

We’d better get busy.

Taylor will take you through the steps to build your project and I'll see you in the last video.

Bye, Jason!

The next video will show you how to narrate the changing scenes in the starter project.

Now it’s your turn!

Click on the starter project link, click “remix,” and sign in to Scratch.

Then, return to CS First to watch the next video.

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  1. Open the starter project.
  2. Remix the project.
  3. Sign in to Scratch.