In this video, you'll complete the texting story and change the look of the androids.

To add more text messages to your story, repeat the steps from previous video.

In the you sprite, add another text message block with the line of text.

Add another broadcast-and-wait block with another message.

In the friend sprite, right click on the when-I-receive two stack and duplicate it, then update the when-I-receive block to receive the message you just added.

In this case, message three.

Update the same block with an appropriate response.

Remember to try your code frequently as you build it.

Computer Scientists, like you, try their code often to uncover unexpected behavior or bugs early and fix their code.

To change how your sprites look click on a sprite, then click the costumes tab.

And we'll see several different profile pictures to choose from the customize your sprite's look.

Ignore the full-body costumes for now.

You can use them in an add-on later.

Choose a sprite head to represent you and one to represent your friend.

Now it's your turn, finish your story by adding at least three more text messages.

Choose sprite costumes to represent you and your friend.


  1. Finish their story by adding at least 3 more text messages.
  2. Choose sprite costumes to represent you and your friend.