7. Conditionals in the World Around You


In today's project, you used a conditional block to build a Two Truths and A Lie game for your friend.

And you totally got my lie.

I sure did.

Conditional statements are very important in computer science.

They are used in programs and software you use all the time.

Google Now is a really cool example of conditionals.

You can set a reminder to say something like-- Next time I'm at Walmart remind me to pick up bread.

And if the GPS in your phone senses that you're at Walmart-- Then the reminder pops up in your phone.

It's super cool.

Another awesome use of conditionals happens with sound recognition programs.

Yeah, like SoundHound.

(orchestra music)

SoundHound listens while you play a song-- And if the song matches the one that SoundHound recognizes-- Then the app tells you the name of that song.

That is really cool.

And really useful, too.

In the next club you'll have the chance to create an Imaginator project that will imagine your friends future.

So you'll be able to guess my future.

That's awesome.

Until next time at Google CS First Friends-- Have fun creating-- And coding.

See you guys. See ya.

  • "Happy Go Lucky" by Scott Holmes ( -- Licensed by CC BY 4.0 (