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1. Variables Are Everywhere!


Hello computer scientists!

Welcome to Google CS First Friends!

Today, you will each create a game. and you and your friend can play together.

The two of you will work together to catch objects and win points.

I’ll be good at that!

We’ll make a great team!

In the process, you’ll learn an important computer science concept: variables.

In computer science, variables store information that can change.

So, the number of likes on my Facebook post?

stored in a variable The display of what song is playing on my music player?

Also a stored in a variable.

The number of lives my video game character has left?

You guessed it - that’s stored in a variable too!


Variables are everywhere!


In today’s project, you’ll use a variable to keep track of the points you and your friend earn together.

Let’s get started coding!

Jason will take you through the steps to build your project, and I’ll see you in the last video.

All right, see you later! Bye, Jason!

Now it’s your turn: Click the Work together to Win starter project link next to this video, click remix, and sign in.

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  1. Open the starter project.
  2. Remix the project, and sign in to Scratch.