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arrow_back Rearranging Furniture


In this add-on, you’ll customize the backdrops in the game to create a unique map.

Click the stage, then the “backdrops” tab. You can edit all the objects inside the backdrops in the example project. For example, to move this well, click and drag it. To resize, click and drag one of the square dots that appear when the object is selected. Rotate by clicking and dragging the round handle. To delete an object, press the “delete” or “backspace” key on your keyboard. Don’t worry about making mistakes. To reverse a change, click “undo.” Click the “duplicate” tool to copy an object. Then, click and drag an object to make a copy. All the objects in the backdrop, including the road, can be modified. You may also change where the house, cave, and forest entrances are by clicking and dragging the sprites on the stage.

To copy an object from one backdrop to another, select the object you want to copy, and hold the “ctrl” or “command” key on your keyboard while you tap the “C” key. Then, navigate to the backdrop you want to copy the object to, hold “control” or “command” again, then tap the “V” key. Go ahead and edit all four backdrops to make them your own! Have fun creating your RPG universe.

Now, it’s your turn! Use the vector editing tools to move objects and customize the backdrops in your RPG.

Choose an Add-On
Rearranging Furniture
Customize the look of each location.
Make the game more challenging by showing the object only if the character is nearby.
Code a Conclusion
Add some slides to end the story when the player wins.
Musical Objects
Add some interactive items that make sound when the character walks over them
Obstacle Obstruction
Make the maps more realistic by preventing the character from running into obstacles, like trees or buildings.
Hide and Seek
Hide the object in a random location each time.
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