In this activity you created a role-playing game while you learned about broadcast blogs.

You also wove a story into your game and re-used your code in many different ways.

People that create video games aren't just coders, they're also story tellers.

It takes a team of creative people with diverse sets of skills and ideas to make a fabulous product.

A team of video game developers might include designers, artists, musicians and programmers with specialties in physics, game play, user interfaces and more.

In many different careers successful teams include people with diverse talents.

The ability to program is one talent that you can bring to any career or path in life you choose.

Taking part in a CS First club is just one way to learn about Computer Science.

Computer Science is a broad field with many different applications.

So, find opportunities that match your interests.

In high school you may have the opportunity to take a Computer Science class.

Most high school CS classes teach different applications of Computer Science which might include writing software, making phone and tablet applications, working with data and manipulating robots.

You might have the opportunity to join a Computer Science based club like a robotics or game design club.

You can even seek out opportunities to learn how to code on your own.

At some colleges and universities introductory Computer Science courses are the most popular courses.

In addition to taking more Computer Science courses in college you can choose to major in Computer Science.

Students that graduate with a Computer Science degree typically receive one of the highest salaries of all graduates with some graduates landing jobs that pay over $100,000 a year.

In 2013, the median salary for CS grads was over $60,000 a year.

In Google CS First you've learned many basic programming concepts that have prepared you to succeed in whatever your next steps in Computer Science are.

Seek opportunities to learn more and become better equipped in whatever your future career is with a background in Computer Science.

Next activity, you'll create a side-scrolling, cave-surfer game.

See ya next time.

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