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7. Wrap-up: The Amazing World of Gumball


Congratulations on coding your Amazing World of Gumball story.

There are many ways to bring a story to life, including using both code and computer animation.

No matter how you tell a story, it takes creativity, persistence, and hard work to make it happen.

Check out how the animators of The Amazing World of Gumball describe working on the show.

[music] This is Janis.

Hey, this is Juanpe.

We are animators in the Amazing World of Gumball.

[gumball] Now let's see some mock-ups from our art department.

Basically, we're drawing all day, every day.

So, I suppose this is the best part of the job.

We are doing the key animation.

The key pulses of the animation in a TV show.

There are a lot of 2-D characters in the show, so it's very heavy roll in the studio.

I would say that my favorite thing about being an animator is drawing.

In this case, in 2-D animation.

Thinking about how to make the animation, the motion, look better of the characters and the way they act.

Draw a lot.

Focus in one scene for hours, and see the result in the end, is like "Oh these characters are alive."

We are working all the time on one particular, one single shot of the whole episode, which is composed of hundreds of shots.

You don't see, what happens before and after.

You know it.

You have it in mind.

But, you don't see it properly put all together.

When you put all the things together and you watch them.

It works.

Yah, It works better.

Sometimes it doesn't work.

But this is the best part.

To see the whole episode together.

This is the best part.

It's exhausting.

Yah, it's exhausting, but the reward at the end is so good that, the reward is there at the same time.

What's your favorite character?

My favorite character is Darwin.

The same.

The same as me.

But not my favorite to animate.

My favorite to animate is Gumball, because he has a lot of possibilities.

He has a lot of expressions.

It's very flexible when it's a very flat character you can do a lot of tricky movements and mess with it.

I prefer Darwin because Darwin is easier to animate.

You see, you prefer him because he's more interesting.

He has a body, and etc.

But mine, Darwin has no body, so it's like easier to animate.

And he's really, really cute.

So at the same time, he's naive and cute, so that's why he's my favorite character.

[music] If you would like to keep coding, encourage your teacher to run a CS First club at your school.

You can also explore the other themes on your own.

Until next time, have fun creating and coding!

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Congratulations on coding your The Amazing World of Gumball story. Watch this video to see the creators of The Amazing World of Gumball discuss their work.