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Starter Guide

The CS First Starter Guide provides an overview of how CS First works, and should be used in conjunction with your theme-specific lesson plans.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans offer step-by-step instructions for teachers, including optional scripts.

Solution Sheets

Solution sheets provide example solutions for each project. Use these as a reference to help struggling students.

Community Board

The community board should be hung in a visible location at the front of the room. After the final video, students use it to post words of thanks or encouragement to their peers.

Special printing instructions: This poster is best printed on 11" x 17" paper.

Contingency Plan

Contingency plans provide alternative activities that can be completed without a computer. Use these in the event a technical problem prevents the class from running as planned.

Student Roster

Use the roster to keep track of students' CS First and Scratch usernames and passwords.