1. Introduction to Interactive Presentation



I’m Brendan and I’m a former math teacher who now works at Google.

I help bring CS First to students just like you all over the world.

In this video, I’ll give you a quick introduction to learning computer science through CS First.

With computer science, you can create pretty much anything you can imagine, like stories, art, animation, websites, music, and more!

Computer science uses code to make projects called programs.

Code is another way of saying “instructions for the computer.”

There are a lot of ways to write code, but to start out, you’ll use a programming language called Scratch.

In this activity, you will use Scratch to create an interactive presentation.

A presentation is a great way to show people information and get them excited about it.

Adding different effects, like animations and sound, gets your point across to the audience and makes them feel like part of your presentation.

After you make your presentation, invite a classmate or friend to check it out!

The more fun, interactive elements you add, the more your partner - or anyone who sees your presentation - will feel like part of the action.

Let’s get started!

Move on to the next video to begin coding.


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  1. Review the lesson plan.
  2. Show these videos to your class:
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