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As you can see, there is an endless list of problems that computer scientists try to solve and creations that computer scientists invent to tackles these problems. After just 7 days of learning computer science in CS First, you can now create interactive music experiences, tell stories, and display your personality in Scratch. Imagine what you might be able to do after joining another CS First club? after taking a Computer Science course in high school? or even after studying computer science in college?

There are many ways to continue learning computer science after this CS First club ends. You might have the option to take another CS First club, with another theme like Game Design which will guide you to building entirely new creations. You can also continue to build projects in Scratch on your own, and even create projects for school, like interactive presentations.

Some schools offer computer science related clubs, like robotics or game design.

These classes might include: Exploring Computer Science (or ECS)- which is an in depth exploration of computer science using Scratch. ECS begins to look at some bigger problems that can be solved with computer science. AP Computer Science- uses a text based programming language, and CS Principles- is a new advanced placement credit course that allows the use of any programming language (including Scratch) and attempts to solve many real -world problems.

After high school, you can study computer science in college. Most colleges and universities offer computer science majors. At some schools, you can even choose to specialize in things that interest you, like animal biology, game design, computer security, medicine, software engineering and much more!

You can even do more computer science entirely on your own. You can expore more of the videos found on this CS first website, or check out some other free resources by clicking the "More CS" link found on this page.

Because computer science can be used to solve so many unique problems, nearly every industry needs employees who understand and can use computer science. Everyone from major tech companies, like Google and Facebook, to entire industries like manufacturing, healthcare, the military, finance and education, rely on computer scientists.

The demand for computer scientists means that there are a lot of available, high-paying jobs for people who know and can use computer science. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, Computer Science majors had one of the highest starting salaries of all college majors in 2013, with an average starting salary of about $64,000 a year. You can compare this to other popular majors, like business, that has an average starting salary of about $55,000 or education, that has an average starting salary of about $40,000.

(Source: While high paying jobs may seem like a powerful motivator, many people choose to pursue computer science because it allows them to express creativity, invent experiences for others, and solve problems that might otherwise be impossible to solve. While you might decide to pursue a different path in life, understanding computer science can still benefit you in whatever you choose to do.

After finishing the club reflection, write a G+ post on a sticky note. Write a shout-out to another club member or the club gurus.

Remember to write on the sticky who the shout-out is for.

No sticky? No pen? No problem! Just ask your Guru for one.

Your Guru will have you post the sticky to the G+ page at the end of today’s session.

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