There are six add-on screencasts for the dance party starter project that you can use to make your dance party more fun, interactive and exciting.

You can choose to complete some or all of these add-ons.

In Invite friends to the Dance Party, you add more people to your dance party my creating a new sprite and copying Cassie's dance code.

In the Add and Change Backdrop add-on, you will add a backdrop and make it change during the dance party.

In Do the Twist, you will learn how to create or add graphic effects to your dancer to make it look like they are twisting while dancing.

In Tell a Story, you will have your dancing sprite talk about the music that's playing at the party.

In Choose the Music, you will add additional songs to your dance party and let the viewer choose the song with different key presses.

♪ Ya ya ya. ♪ And finally, in the Make Your Sprite Bust a Move add-on, you'll add code that makes the viewer part of your dance party by letting them control the sprite's dance moves by pressing different keys.

Remember, computer science is about exploration, problem solving and creating cool projects that people can use.

The add-ons are a great way for you to try new things that you can share with your friends.

Choose an Add-On

Invite Friends to the Dance Party

Add another sprite to the dance party for Cassy to dance with.

Add and Change the Backdrop

Add new backdrops so that Cassy can dance around the world.

Do the Twist

Add a graphic effect that makes Cassy look like she is twisting.

Tell a Story

Add a story to your dance party using the "say" block.

Choose the Music

Add extra music to your dance party and allow the user to control the song that plays.

Bust a Move

Let the user turn the dancer by pressing different keys.


  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!