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7. Wrap-up: DJ Mixer


Congratulations on building your DJ Mixer! Today, you reused some of the core computer science concepts you already know, like using forever loops to repeat an action and using an event to capture a keyboard press from the person using your computer program.

You also learned a really important new computer science concept--variables! You used a variable to store the position of the slider so you could use the value in your code.

The code block knows to look inside the variable for how long the computer should wait before performing an action, so, if the variable changes, the wait length changes too.

Variables are used in nearly every computer program built. For example, computer scientists use variables to store the cost of an item in an app people use to buy, sell, and swap clothing with others. Variables store the scores in a racing game app, and store the price of homes in a real estate app. Variables are a computer science concept, but they can also apply to any field that interests you, from gaming, to retail, to real estate. You can use computer science to build all kinds of new apps and tools for other people to use. When you take a computer science class in the future, you'll learn even more cool and fun ways to use variables. When you get to those future classes, you'll be ahead of the game because you already made and used variables in Scratch!

When the CS First club meets next, you'll build your own Music Video with songs, characters, and special effects.

After finishing the club reflection, write a G+ post on a sticky note. You can write a shout-out to anyone: a club member, your gurus, or even your hosts, for their help.

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