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To earn the Music Promoter badge, go to your Scratch Profile page and put some information in your About Me section. You can add your first name or nickname if you want to, but you should never put specific personal information on the internet like your last name or your home address. Instead, you could add just your first name and maybe describe your interests, like what music you like or what TV shows you watch. Also add something to the "what I'm working on" box to show the types of projects you’ve been doing in the Scratch Music Club.

Put up your sticky note when you are done to earn your Music Promoter badge.

Choose an Add-On
Bust a Move
Learn how to earn the "Bust a Move" badge.
Energy Burst
Learn how to earn the "Energy Burst" badge.
Multiple Musicians
Learn how to earn the "Multiple Musicians" badge.
Clone Crazy
Learn how to earn the "Clone Crazy" badge.
Music Promoter
Learn how to earn the "Music Promoter" badge.
Vote on the Talent Show (Advanced)
Modify your project so you can vote for a talent show contestant.
Win the Show! (Advanced)
Make the winning performer celebrate their victory!
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