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1. Musical Talent Show Intro


Hello, and welcome to day 4 of CS First Scratch Music and Sound.

Can you imagine a world where reading is considered an unnecessary skill? In the 14th century, only a few people, mostly the wealthy, could read. The printing press had not been invented, so every book had to be written out by hand. That made books very expensive and rare. Once the printing press was invented, though, books became widely available and people started reading for education and entertainment. Soon, reading--once considered a luxury--became a necessity for getting a job and functioning in society.

Today, in this CS First club, you are a pioneer in another technical revolution, just like the printing press. One day, people will feel the same way about the computer science skills you are learning right now as they once did about books and reading. They will wonder how anyone ever grew up without learning computer science.

Just thirty years ago, computers were rare and many were as big and expensive as a house.

Now, people carry around cell phones that have more power than those original, giant computers! Learning computer science will allow you to help create the next powerful technology, instead of just using it. No matter which path you take in life or what interests you, these skills will be important. During this club session, you’re going to do something a little different. Besides the computer science skills you’ve learned here, you’ll also use other skills like curiosity, courage, and willingness to try again. In the previous club sessions, you watched screencasts to learn how to build a project using a specific set of code blocks. Today, you're going to build a Musical Talent Show, and in the process earn badges. As you complete the scavenger hunt and build the talent show, you’ll get the chance to earn special badges. On the page after this video, you'll find a set of links to all the possible badges you can earn. When you think you have earned a badge, just put up your sticky and your CS First Guru will come by to give you one. In the meantime, keep working toward your next badge while you wait.

To earn badges, you need to load all of the code for those badges into a single project.

As you can see from this version of the completed Musical Talent Show, the sprites do different musical talents when they are clicked. Your talent show might look very different, but all of the talents for the different badges should be in that one project.

This isn’t a contest, so you don’t have to compete for badges--there are plenty for everyone. When you earn badges, you can stick them in or on your CS First folder, or even take them home. The key to collecting all the badges is to keep working to try to solve problems in your project, even when things don’t work out the first time. For example, if you can't find a block on the scavenger hunt, look again, ask your neighbor, use the Scratch Help menu, or put up a sticky to get the attention of your CS First Guru. Be fearless and just keep trying, and you'll create an awesome talent show, as well as earn some cool badges to show off.

Before you start earning those badges, though, you need to create a project for your Musical Talent Show. The first step in the scavenger hunt is to start a new project, delete the Scratch cat, and name your project "Musical Talent Show." You'll do all your coding for today in this project. Choose a backdrop for where you want the talent show to take place.

Then, switch back to this CS First tab and go on to the next page to select the first badge you want to earn.

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  1. Open Scratch, sign in, and start a new project.
  2. Delete the Scratch cat.
  3. Name your project "Musical Talent Show."