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6. Wrap-up: Program Something Unexpected


Congratulations on coding your first program in CS First Music and Sound! This is your final screencast of the day. It will wrap up today’s club activities, as well as give you a preview of the next club session. You’ll also get familiar with a few tasks you’ll do at the end of every club. Watch the screencast, then complete the wrap-up steps.

Today, you began an amazing journey in computer science by coding your first program in CS First Music and Sound. Today was just the start, though! Next club, you’ll build a Dance Party project where you choose the music and have a sprite dance on the screen while learning about an important computer science concept called a repeating loop.

As today’s club session comes to a close, there are four steps you need to complete before you leave. You will do these same four things every time you come to CS First Music and Sound. Just because club is over for today doesn’t mean the fun has to end. You can continue to work on and customize your project at home or at school. Look through your CS First printed materials to find your extra CS First club pass and the sheet labeled “Look at What I Created With Computer Science!” Take these two items with you today, as they contain the information you need to access your project outside of club sessions.

Use the sign-in information from your club pass to access your projects from any computer that has an internet connection. Just go to and sign in. Your projects will be saved under the “my stuff” menu.

Once you’ve finished the club reflection, take a moment to share what you made today Write a shout-out to a fellow club member , the Club Guru, or the host for their hard work, awesome project, or helpfulness. Be sure to write To: followed by their name somewhere on the sticky. No sticky? No pen? No problem! Just ask your Guru. After writing your G+ post follow your Guru’s instructions for posting it to the G+ Community page.

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