7. Wrap-Up: Movie Sound Effects and Music Composition


Today, you use an if, then block to tell the computer what sound to play each time your projectile sprite change costumes.

If, then statements are an important concept that computer scientists use all the time.

Computers can not think or make decisions on their own.

They make decisions based on the code that was written.

If, then statements are one way to tell the computer to make a decision.

If, then blocks, like this are also called conditionals.

Because they run in code when a certain condition is met, and they do not run the code if that same condition is not met.

This concept is used in all types of computer science that you will encounter in the future.

In high school or college computer science classes, in multiple computer science languages, and in the keyboarding and spreadsheet class that you'll take in high school, you will be a step ahead because you will have successfully used conditionals or if, then blocks.

Next time is your last session of CS First.

But that doesn't mean that your experience with computer science has to end.

Remember, you can access Scratch from any computer with an internet connection and you can always return to this CS First website to watch more screen casts, build more add-ons to your projects or even do another club theme like games on your own.

Computer science is all about creating.

Access to Scratch.

The knowledge that you learn here and the courage to just keep trying will enable you to build anything you want.

In the next CS First club, you will build a thank you project.

(relaxing music)

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