Congratulations on making your music video.

In addition to creating a fun music video you learned an important computer science concept, procedures.

Procedures make it easier read code by putting it into byte-size chunks and breaking a problem into smaller pieces that can be solved individually.

Complicated code and big projects like self-driving cars are much easier when you use procedures.

Making a car drive itself is a complicated problem to solve because a car must take in a lot of information like the location of road edges, the presence of obstacles in the road and the locations of stop signs and traffic signals, it's a lot.

Complex problems like this are way too much for one person to solve.

So teams of computer scientists work together to solve them.

For example, one team of computer scientists might work on making the self-driving vehicle recognize road edges while another works on sign recognition.

However, each team still needs to be able to understand and use the code that other computer scientists have created so the entire program works.

Computer scientists break down big problems into small chunks and use procedures to make their codes easier for others to understand.

This is like the procedure that you built today.

It's a way to break down a large, complex problem and convey a long list of instructions, easily.

In the future, self-driving cars will allow people with visual impairment, like blindness, to operate a vehicle, or enable middle schoolers to travel to the movies or the mall by themselves.

Computer scientists are changing the way the world with technology and they use procedures to make that happen today.

In the next session you will choose between working on your music video (dog barks)

or adding sound effects to a scene in a new project.

  • "Self-Driving Car Test: Steve Mahan" by Google ( -- Licensed by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported ( -- Video trimmed to needed length and screenshot used