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Hey and welcome to day three of Scratch Music.

Today you're gonna learn more computer science so you can build a musical art display like the one you see here.

When someone uses your musical art work you'll be able to move the mouse around to discover the different sounds that each color will make.

For this project, you use conditionals or if-then blocks that tell the computer what sound to play for each color.

You will create instructions that say for example, if the mouse is touching green, play a C note.

Computer science is a tool that can be used to build whatever you imagine in many different forms.

In these videos you'll see artists who have used their computer science skills to program innovative and interactive musical displays for others to enjoy.


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As you can probably guess from those videos there were lots of if-then statements used for behavior slide.

If the person touches the bike, then play a sound.

Sometimes it looks like the computer is deciding what to do all by itself.

But in reality, every decision the computer makes was programmed by computer scientists just like you using statements that say if this happens, then do a certain action.

You used several of these today to tell the computer what note to play if a color's touched in your art.

In this first screen cast you're gonna sign into Scratch and open the Starter Project.

To open your starter project click the link next to the screen cast that says Musical Art Starter Project.

Next you'll see a box where you can enter your Scratch sign-in information.

To put a nest that will create and save a copy of your Musical Art Starter Project to your Scratch account.

Then, click remix.

(swooshing) Take a look at this example the interactive music display for today's project.

When the start flag is clicked the circles randomly fill the screen with color.

When a mouse touches a green circle one note plays.

But when the mouse touches a different circle like blue a different note plays.

The project creates the art but it requires a person to interact with it to make music just like those in the intro videos.

The notes you choose will change the feel of your project and make it your own.

You'll also get the chance to further customize the project in the add-ons.

Now it's your turn.

Open the Starter Project link on this page and then sign into Scratch.

Once you finish this step return to this CS first page and click the green arrow to move onto the next screen test.

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Open the starter project.
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  • Mogees - Gesture recognition with contact-microphones by bruno zamborlin ( licensed under CC-BY 3.0 (