1. Introduction to Narration


Hi! I’m Sanjay, and I’m a musician at YouTube.

And I’m Candace, Sanjay’s partner for today’s story.

In this video, we’ll give you a quick introduction to learning computer science through CS First.

With computer science, you can create pretty much anything you can imagine, like: stories… art... animation... websites... music… and more!

Computer science uses code to make projects called programs.

Code is another way of saying “instructions for the computer.”

There are a lot of ways to write code, but to start out, you’ll use a programming language called Scratch.

In this activity, you will work with a partner. Your teacher may pair you or have you choose a partner.

You and your partner will each create a project that tells the same story, but you will each tell it from a different point of view.

One of you will tell the story as a narrator.

A narrator describes the action, but is not directly involved in the story.

Who the narrator is can really change how the audience feels about a story.

Narrators use words like “he...” “she...” “they...” and “them.”

This is called third-person point of view.

The other partner will tell the story as a character and use a first-person point of view.

This means they use words like: “I...” “me...” “we...” and “ours.”

In the story The Tortoise and the Hare, the Hare always bragged about how fast he was.

So the Tortoise challenged the Hare to a race.

The Hare was so confident he would win that he decided to take a nap...

just long enough for the Tortoise to slowly pass him and cross the finish line first.

Imagine how different the story would be if the Hare told it!

How would the Hare explain itself?

Would you feel differently about the Hare?

With your partner, decide on a story you want to tell.

This could be a book you read, a movie you saw, or anything else.

The example in this activity will use The Tortoise and the Hare, but you can use any story you and your partner like.

Together, choose a scene from the story that you can describe in a few sentences.

In The Tortoise and the Hare, you could choose when the Hare first wakes up from his nap.

Next, decide which of you will create a project that tells the story from the narrator’s point of view and which of you will tell the story from the character’s point of view.

After you and your partner have decided on: A scene from a story, Who will tell the story from the first person point of view as the character, And who will tell the story from the third person point of view as the narrator, Move on to the next video to begin coding!


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