In this video, you and your partner will retell the same scene from a story from two different points of view.

If you haven’t already selected a scene and decided who will be the narrator and who will be the character, pause the video and discuss that now.

To begin, open the Scratch starter project link next to this video.

If you like, change the backdrop to set the scene for your story.

In Scratch, characters, objects, and animals are called Sprites.

Add a Sprite to your project from the Sprite Library.

If you’re telling the story from the first person point of view, try to use a Sprite that looks like your character.

If you’re narrating the story from the third person point of view, select any Sprite you’d like to tell the story.

To make your sprite face another direction, go to the costume editor, and select “flip horizontal.”

Move your Sprite to where you want it on the stage.

From the Looks menu, drag out several “Say for 2 Seconds blocks” and connect them.

Replace “Hello!” in the first block with what your character might say first.

If you are the first-person character, think about what your character might think or say at the start of your story.

Use first-person words like “I” and “me.”

If you’re narrating the story, use third-person words like “he,” “she,” or “they."

Think about how the narrator might want the audience to feel about the character.

Click on the block stack to test your code.

It’s a little too quick to read.

Tinker with the values until you get it just right.

Next, click the Events menu, and add a “When flag clicked event” to the top of your block stack.

Now, use the flag like a play button to run your code.

Test it out! (pause)


Check in with your partner to see how your stories are *similar and different.* Then, come back to this page to discover more ways to add to your story.

Choose an Add-On

Start a Conversation
Move Your Character
Add Sound Effects
Animate Your Character


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  1. Watch this video with your teacher.
  2. Open the starter project link below, add a sprite to represent your character or narrator and start your story.
  3. Watch the videos below to keep adding to your project.