Start your program with a title page that describes your interest and gets others excited about learning more.

Begin by painting a new sprite, and drawing your title.

Use the text tool to type your title name.

Add other shapes and drawings.

Add color using the “fill” tool.

Use the editing tools in Scratch to create something you like.

Mistakes may happen! Use the “undo” button to fix or edit your changes.

Now, program your title to fade. Go back to the code, and add a “change effect” block from the Looks menu. Change the dropdown to “ghost.”

Test this! The title disappears. Add a “set effect” block to make your title reappear, and check that the effect is “ghost,” and the value is set to zero. Use a “repeat” loop around the “change effect” block, and edit the values to make the title fade the way you want.

Awesome. Test your code often to get the desired results!

Finally, make the fade happen when the flag is clicked.

Hmm… You may have many actions happening in your project at the same time.

Delay your code by adding “wait” blocks to any part of your program.

The ‘wait’ block makes characters and objects wait before another action happens in the program.

In this case, adding “wait” blocks makes sure the title stays visible until your program is complete.


Choose an Add-On

Start here
Speak Out

Make your character talk about the topic you’ve chosen.

Change Scene

Change the animation scenery by adding more backdrops.

Add Sound Effects

Choose or record sounds to accompany your project.

Include Supporters

Add or draw more characters who support your cause.

Move Around

Make your primary or secondary characters move to emphasize points in your story.

Question & Answer

Ask the audience a question and make something happen based on the response.

Add a Title

Create a title for your passion project so the audience can know what it’s about.

Change Costumes

Animate your characters by making them change costumes.

Make Some Noise

Make your own beat and sounds.


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  1. Watch the introduction video.
  2. Open the starter project link below and add characters and dialogue.
  3. Return to this page and watch more videos below.