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1. Best Quiz Ever Introduction


Hello and welcome to Day 5 of Google CS First Social Media.

Today you will build a social media quiz.

Social media platforms encourage people to share things about themselves.

Quizzes are one way that people can share aspects of their personality with their friends.

Check out this example of a quiz: Who is your Disney spirit animal?

Quiz takers answer several questions, and based on those answers, are given a quiz result.

After receiving their quiz result, users can share them on social media sites.

To create your own quiz, you'll use operators.

Operators compare and combine numbers and words.

There are two types of operators: logical and arithmetic.

Logical operators have a six-sided shape and are either true or false.

For example, score “equals” 5 is either true or false.

Arithmetic operators have a round shape.

They can do things like multiply, divide, subtract, and find the remainder of a division problem.

Operators are used frequently in computer science.

For example, take a look at how operators were used to transform photography.

Before the invention of digital cameras, traditional cameras used manual settings.

The photographer had to know and understand lighting conditions, ISO settings, shutter speed, and many other things to take high quality pictures.

Take ISO for example.

In film cameras, ISO represents film speed, and in digital cameras ISO represents how much light the photo sensor takes in.

Before digital cameras, users had to manually set the ISO, which took experience and knowledge of lighting conditions.

Today’s digital cameras use light sensors to set the ISO properly using an operator.

An operator and conditional might read, “if light is less than x, then set ISO to 400.”

This is just one example.

Operators can be used with sensors and conditionals to program tasks that once required experienced professionals.

The creation of the digital camera made it possible for everyone, not just professional photographers, to take high quality pictures.

And now, entire social networks are built on the idea of taking and sharing pictures.

Today, you’ll use operators in a project called “The Best Quiz Ever.”

Social media platforms often develop interesting ways to encourage people to share information about themselves.

The social media quiz is one such example.

In this project, the user will take a short quiz to choose which items they prefer.

The quiz will store the answers the user selects, then use operators to decide which the user is most similar to.

To start, click the Starter Project link next to this page.

This will open Scratch in a new tab.

Click the remix button, and sign in using the information in your CS First passport.

You now have a blank quiz.

In the next video you’ll begin to write the content for your quiz!

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  1. Open the starter proejct.
  2. Remix the project.
  3. Sign in to Scratch.