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2. Create Quiz Content


In this video, you’ll create the content for your quiz.

First, decide on a premise.

This could be a sports team, movie, book, tv show, or anything else!

Choose a premise where you can ask two questions and provide two outcomes.

This example uses: Which Wizard of Oz character are you?

And the two outcomes will be the Wicked Witch and Dorothy.

While this example will demonstrate these steps for the Wizard of Oz, use your creativity to create your own content for your quiz!

To start, click on the “intro screen” sprite.

This sprite will appear at the start of the program, then hide.

Click the costumes tab.

Change the title to reflect what your quiz is about.

This quiz will use, “Which Wizard of Oz Character are you?”

Yours will reflect the quiz premise you’re creating.

For example, Which Frozen character are you?

Which superhero are you?

Which basketball player are you?

You could even do something really wacky, like “Which vegetable are you?” or “Which bird are you?”

Once you’ve decided on a title, click the text tool and type text in the sprite.

If you need to move or resize the text, use the “select” tool.

If you make a mistake, that’s OK.

Just click the undo button at the top of the editor.

Next, click the stage, and select the “Outcome 1” backdrop.

This is where you’ll type the first possible outcome for your quiz.

Use the text tool to update the Outcome text box with the name of your first outcome.

Enter a description of that outcome in the description text box.

This example uses Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Describe the person, character, animal, or object in your quiz using positive language.

People will be more likely to share the results of your quiz if they feel good about them.

This example describes Dorothy as kind, loyal, and adventurous.

If the quiz taker’s answers most closely represent Dorothy, this backdrop will show as the result.

Next, update the “Outcome 2” backdrop.

This example uses the Wicked Witch of the West.

Again, use positive language, even if the outcome you’re describing doesn’t seem nice or appealing at first glance.

The Wicked Witch had some positive qualities, the best of which might be her ability to command flying monkeys.

Again, this is the backdrop that the user will see if they get the Wicked Witch as their result.

OK, now that you’ve decided on a premise for your quiz and added two outcomes, all that’s left in this design phase is creating the quiz options.

Before you can do this, you’ll need to hide the “intro screen” sprite.

Click the intro screen sprite and the looks menu.

Drag a hide block into the editor and click to run it.

The intro screen sprite should hide.

Next, click the outcome 1 sprite and the costume tab.

Each costume here will be a quiz option that describes outcome 1.

Select three things that describe your first character or outcome.

In this example, the first outcome is Dorothy, so the three options will be: “Sparkly Red Shoes,” “Willingness to Explore,” and “Helping New Friends.”

Once you have three options for outcome 1, select the outcome 2 sprite and add three more.

In this example, outcome 2 is The Wicked Witch, so the three options are “Pointy Hats,” “Intelligence,” “Ability to fly.”

Now it’s your turn!

Choose a premise and question for your quiz.

Update the “Intro Screen” sprite with your question.

Choose two outcomes for your quiz, and update the Outcome 1 and Outcome 2 backdrops.

Update the costumes for each outcome sprite to represent choices in your quiz.

Once you’ve finished designing your quiz, move on to the next video to start making it work!

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  1. Choose a premise and question for your quiz.
  2. Choose two outcomes for your quiz.
  3. Create quiz options.