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In this add-on, you will upload images from your computer and program them to display with the quiz result.

If you don’t have any saved images that you’d like to add to your project, please close this video and select a different add-on.

To begin, choose “upload sprite from file" and select an image saved on your computer.

Click the costumes tab to see this image.

To add the other image, click upload costume from file and select it.

Click the select tool, then click the sprite, and resize it by clicking and dragging a square on the surrounding box.

To move the sprite to a different part of the stage, click and drag it until it is in a spot you like.

Next, program the image sprite to hide until the results are revealed.

Click the scripts tab, and add a "when flag clicked" block and a "hide" block from the looks menu.

To program the sprite to show up when the results are revealed, click the events menu, and add a "when backdrop switches" block.

Select "Outcome 1" from the dropdown.

From the looks menu, add a "show" block, then add a "switch costume" block.

From the dropdown menu, select the costume that goes with Outcome 1.

Try it out!

Click the flag, then take the quiz, selecting the options that go with Outcome 1.


When the backdrop switches to the Dorothy outcome, the Dorothy image is shown.

Repeat this process for Outcome 2.

Add a "when backdrop switches" block from the events menu, and select "Outcome 2" from the dropdown menu.

From the looks menu, add a "show" block and a "switch costume" block, and select the costume that goes with Outcome 2.

Try it out again.


The image sprite hides when the quiz starts, and shows the correct costume when the result is revealed.

Now it's your turn!

Upload images of your characters as costumes in a single sprite.

Then program the sprite to hide when the flag is clicked, and to show the correct costume when the result is revealed.

Choose an Add-On
Add Images
Program images of the characters to appear when the user's result is revealed.
More Questions!
Write additional questions for your quiz.
Design the Intro Screen
Put your own visual spin on the page that shows before the quiz.
The Big Reveal
Reveal the user's quiz results with an interesting effect.
Results Animation
Add a sprite that reacts to the user's result.
Make Some Noise
Add sound to your quiz.
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