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8. Wrap-up: Best Quiz Ever


Today, you created the best quiz ever while using a lot of computer science concepts, including: operators, conditionals, events, and variables.

In this club, you’ve learned ways that people use computer science to create something new or to solve interesting problems.

In almost every field, people are using computer science to try to solve big problems.

Ocean pollution is a good example.

The ocean is a valuable natural resource and an important habitat for wildlife.

The ocean is also at great risk of being damaged by pollution.

How might computer science be used to protect the world’s oceans from pollution?

Well… you could create a smartphone app that allows fishing boats to report pollution to government agencies.

You could create a social media campaign and website to encourage public awareness of oceanic environmental issues.

Or, you could do what some scientists are doing, and create and program robotic fish to monitor ocean pollution.

Afterall, computer science is just a tool that you can use to create and to solve problems.

While paint and paintbrushes may make art, it’s the artist that uses them to create beautiful artwork.

Similarly, programming can be used to make software, apps, databases, and robots, but it’s the computer scientists who create something new and great with programming tools.

Next session, you will create a style board application in which users can select and share their favorite things.

While you’re waiting for your clubmates to finish the wrap-up, take a moment to write a shout-out, and have a good one.

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