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2. Draw with the Pencil


In the last video, you should have opened the starter project, remixed it, and signed in.

If you haven’t done this yet, please stop this video and return to the previous one.

In this video, you’ll program the pencil to follow the mouse pointer and draw on the canvas.

To start, make the pencil follow the mouse pointer.

Select the pencil sprite, and click the motion menu.

Find the "go to mouse pointer" block, and click to run it.

The pencil moves to where the mouse pointer is.

Drag out this block, and click it to run it again.

The pencil sprite again moves as close to the mouse pointer as possible.

Now that the pencil goes to the mouse pointer when the "go to mouse pointer" block is run once, program this block to run forever.

To do this, use a loop.

Select the control menu.

Loops tell the computer to repeat an action as many times as you specify, which in this case should be forever.

Select a "forever" loop, and put it around the "go to mouse pointer" block.

Click the block stack to try this out.

When you move the mouse pointer around the stage, the pencil sprite follows it.

This is because the sprite is programmed to go to the mouse pointer forever.

Now that the pencil sprite follows the mouse pointer, it should draw as it moves.

Select the pen menu.

Drag a "pen down" block into the forever loop.

Click to run it again.

Test it out by moving the mouse pointer around the stage.


It works!

To erase all the drawings and marks, click the "clear" block.

This game should always start with a blank canvas, so add the "clear" block to the start of this block stack.

Finally, add a "when flag clicked" event to the top of the block stack.

Click the flag to try it all together.


When the flag is clicked, the drawing clears, the pen starts drawing, and the sprite follows the mouse pointer forever.

Now it’s your turn: Program the pencil sprite to go the mouse pointer forever.

Use the "pen down" block to make the pencil sprite draw.

Add a when flag clicked event and a "clear" block to the start of the program.

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  1. Program the pencil to follow the mousepointer.
  2. Make the pencil draw.
  3. Clear the canvas when the program starts.