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Welcome to day four of Google CS First Social Media.

Today, we'll build a photo editing program while you learn about an important computer science concept called message passing.

You've probably sent a friend a message asking them to do something.

In Scratch, broadcasting works the same way.

Broadcasting sends a message from one part of a program to another.

In this example, when you click the color button, the program sends a message to the image sprite to change the color.

Broadcast is also used in television.

Television stations broadcast news and shows which are then received by the individual TVs in your home.

Pictogram, the tool you will create today, is inspired by the popular photo sharing application, Instagram.

Instagram allows users to apply digital filters to images to change how they look.

You will create a Pictogram tool that lets the user change the color, lightness, sharpness, and other qualities of images.

To create your Pictogram tool, you'll begin with a starter project.

This project contains several sprites and a backdrop.

You'll program the button sprites to send messages to the image sprites to change the way they look.

To get started, click on the Starter Project link.

And sign in to Scratch.

Click Remix.

Then, return to CS First to watch the next video and learn how to broadcast a change color message from the button sprite to the image sprites.


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  1. Open the starter project.
  2. Remix the project.
  3. Sign in to Scratch.
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