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7. Wrap-up: Profile Page


Great job building your profile page today!

When your fellow club members answered the questions on your profile page, a variable was stored.

Social media sites gather information from users all the time, so that users can customize their pages and make them fun or unique.

Today, you used variables to store the name and favorite items on the profile page.

Variables are one of the most commonly used concepts in computer science.

Today, you also collected data from users.

There are many real-world applications for gathering and storing data.

Check out this video to see how computer scientists at the Google Earth Outreach Program use data to create positive change in the world.

In 2005, Rebecca Moore used Google Earth to illustrate the impact of a planned development and convinced her community to come up with a better alternative.

From this effort, Google Earth Outreach was born, in order to give anyone the tools to change the world with maps.

Since then, different people and organizations have been creating real, long-lasting social change using these tools.

Their maps help to protect the environment, provide better crisis response, improve safety and save lives, and even preserve a culture.

You now understand how computer scientists use data to help people navigate better around the world and improve and save lives.

Remember, that you can continue using your Scratch account to create projects from any computer with an internet connection, even after this Google CS First Club ends.

In the next club session, you will build a drawing game where one player has to make a drawing, and the other player has to guess what it is.

It also uses variables to make this happen.

While you're waiting for your clubmates to finish the wrap up, take a moment and write a shout-out to one of your Gurus or someone who helped you today.

Until next time, have fun creating and coding.

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