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1. Style Board Introduction


Hey and welcome to Day 6 of Google CS First Social.

Today you will create a Style Board program while you learn about the computer science concept: events.

You will be able to select your favorite images from a list to personalize your own board.

Events in computer science allow programs to take action in response to the user, or the program itself.

For example, to move a character in a program to the right, you would use a “right arrow” event.

When the right arrow is pressed, the code under the event runs.

In this example, that’s “change x by 10.”

Take a look at how events are used on computers and mobile phones while navigating Pinterest.

Pinterest is an app that allows users to share, discover, organize and store images.

Users create their own boards, whether for handmade jewelry, classic cars, cupcake recipes, craft ideas, or science projects!

Users can like and “repin” objects by clicking on icons.

These click events cause the program to perform an action.

If you click “pin it”, the program sends a notification to the original pinner.

This is just another way social media and computer science enable users to interact, discover, and share.

Style board, the project that you’ll create today, is similar to Pinterest.

Style Boards allow people to arrange and share their ideas, likes, interests, hobbies, and projects.

Companies use style boards to organize and prepare for new projects.

At the end of today’s club, your fellow club members will be able to make their own style board to share their interests with you!

After you finish watching this video, click the “Style Board” starter project link to open the starter project in a new tab.

Sign in to Scratch, and click “remix” to save this project to your account.

Then, return to this tab, and click the arrow to move on to the next video.

Now, it’s your turn: Click the Style Board starter project link next to this video.

Click the Remix button.

Sign in to Scratch.

Then, click the green arrow to watch the next video.

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  1. Open the starter project.
  2. Remix the project.
  3. Sign in to Scratch.