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2. Describe Your Projects


In this video, you will program the backdrop to change three times to showcase three projects you’d like to show off and describe.

After each change, the sprite will say something about the project.

To start, pick three projects to describe.

Select the stage, and click the “backdrops” tab.

This starter project includes backdrops for all seven projects that you created in this club.

You might choose projects because they were fun or challenging, or maybe just because something funny happened while you were working on them.

Once you choose the three backdrops for your project, click the scripts tab to program them to change.

Select the looks menu.

Three blocks here can change the backdrop: "Switch backdrop to", "Switch backdrop to and wait", and "Next backdrop."

“Next backdrop” switches to the next backdrop in a list, so it won’t work for this project.

“Switch backdrop to,” and “Switch backdrop to and wait” work similarly.

But you can pair the “wait” version of this block with a “when backdrop switches to” event to wait until all the code under the event has run before moving on to the next piece of code.

That sounds like it will work well for this project.

Drag out three “Switch backdrop to and wait” blocks, and change the values to the names of the projects you want to describe.

If you don’t remember the name of a project, click the “backdrops” tab to see the name of each.

Then, add a "when flag clicked" event and try it out.


Those changed so fast, you can hardly see them.

That’s because you haven’t programmed anything to happen on each backdrop.

To fix this, switch over to the cat sprite, and program it to say something about each backdrop.

Click events, and drag out 3 “when backdrop switches to” blocks.

Again, you’ll need to change the values of these blocks to the three backdrops you’ve selected.

Then, click looks, and drag a “say for 2 seconds” block under each event.

Try it out.

Scratch highlights code as it runs, so look at the code to see when each block stack runs.

You’ll see that first this code stack runs.

The backdrop changes, and the cat says “hello.”

Then the backdrop changes, this code stack runs, and the cat says “hello.”

And finally, the last backdrop change occurs, and the cat gives one more “hello.”


Now that you’ve programmed the cat to say “hello” at each backdrop, program it to say whatever you’d like about each project.

Add as many “say” blocks as you like to describe each event.

Remember, in this time lapse story, you’re sharing your experiences in this club with other people.

There’s a list of possible things to write about next to this video.

Check out this example that uses a few lines to talk about each project, describes a silly thing that happened while working on the project, and thanks friends and Gurus.

Now it’s your turn!

Select the stage, and use three “switch backdrop to and wait” blocks to change backdrops when the flag is clicked.

Select the sprite, and use three “when backdrop switches to” events and “say” blocks to describe each backdrop.

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  1. Choose 3 projects to describe.
  2. Make the backdrops change when the program starts.
  3. Program a sprite to say something about each project.