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arrow_back Movin' Along


In this add-on, you will allow the audience to move the story forward with a keypress event.

This video will not give you all the steps, but it will show you how to get started.

Right now, each time the backdrop changes, the sprite walks on stage, says something, then walks off stage.

This does not give the viewer of your project a lot of time to look at the different projects.

Program the sprite to stay on the stage until the user triggers the sprite to walk off the stage.

Each time the backdrop switches, the sprite should wait until a key is pressed to walk off the stage.

Add a "wait until" block above each "walk off stage" block.

From the sensing menu, add a “key pressed’ block as the condition for each “wait until” block.

It's up to you decide which key press event will make the sprite walk.

Now it's your turn!

Program the sprite to wait on the stage until the user presses a key with a keypress event.

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Movin' Along
Let the user move the story forward.
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  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!