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1. Time Lapse Introduction


Hello and welcome to your final day of Google CS First Social Media.

Today you will build a Time Lapse project that reflects on everything you’ve done in this club while you learn about a computer science concept called procedures.

A procedure groups code into a repeatable routine.

In Scratch, you make a procedure by defining a new block.

When you define a procedure, or block, you tell the computer what the new block should do when it runs.

This example uses a new block called “walk.”

The block’s definition tells the sprite to repeat moving and change costumes 10 times.

When the computer gets to the new “walk” block in the code, it “calls” the procedure.

That means it runs all the blocks grouped under the “walk” definition, just like it would run any other block in Scratch.

Procedures make long, complex programs much easier to write.

They save computer scientists time and keep them from having to write the same code over and over.

Procedures are also important to the computer science community because they allow people to more easily share and use other people’s code.

Other text-based programming languages like C++, Java, JavaScript, and Python, have libraries full of procedures that computer scientists borrow from to use in their code.

These procedure libraries enable people to create amazing 3-D graphics for movies, games, and animations using code that other people already built.

In today’s project, you’ll create a reflection story like those that you may have seen on social media platforms.

You’ll use some of your past experiences to create and share your story.

In this story, you’ll use a procedure to make a sprite walk on and off the stage as it describes some of your favorite projects.

To start, open the starter project link next to this video.

Click remix, and sign in using the information in your passport.

Now it’s your turn.

Open the starter project next to this video.

Click remix.

and sign in.

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  1. Open the starter project.
  2. Sign in to Scratch.
  3. Remix the project.