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6. Wrap-up: Time Lapse


Today you reflected on what you’ve done in this club by making a Time Lapse project.

To do this, you learned about procedures, which allow you and other computer scientists to easily reuse code.

Procedures are an important part of ensuring that the advances made in computer science continue to build on each other, and can have a powerful impact for everyone.

While today was your last day in the Google CS First Social Media club, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of your journey with computer science.

As you leave the club, you will take all the things you’ve learned with you.

And you can log into Scratch from any computer with internet access.

So, you can keep working on the same projects you created in CS First, or you can start brand new ones!

Even better, you can log into CS First with the same account and watch the videos for other clubs.

You can build projects in music, art, games, or fashion!

Scratch has a large community of other computer scientists who are learning and creating just like you.

From the Scratch website you can explore and comment on other people’s creations and share your own.

Scratch and computer science can also be useful tools for class projects.

The next time you’re asked to create a school project, consider using Scratch to create an interactive story, a presentation, or a game.

In high school, you may have the chance to take a computer science course.

The challenges you have persevered through and skills you’ve learned in this CS First club have prepared you for these courses.

As a veteran CS First club member, you can feel ready for whatever your next step in computer science may be.

In each day of Google CS First Social Media, you’ve grown and expanded your own knowledge of computer science.

Take a look at all that you’ve accomplished in just eight club sessions.

On day 1, you explored and programmed something surprising.

On day 2, you created a profile page with variables.

On day 3, you created a social media game in which users draw a picture and get other people to guess what the drawing is.

In the day 4 Pictogram project, you used broadcast to build an image editing program.

On day 5, your best quiz ever used conditionals to allow people to share their personality traits.

On day 6, you made a style board that lets users share their favorite things.

On day 7, you made a viral video about an issue that's important to you.

And finally, today you made a time-lapse project to reflect on everything you’ve made.

The CS First team would like to thank you and congratulate you on all that you have accomplished in this club.

As a computer scientist, you have the power to help create a better future for yourself and the people around you!

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