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In this video, you will add a backdrop and a spokesperson sprite to your viral video.

A spokesperson is someone who speaks up for and represents a particular cause or issue.

Organizations often choose a spokesperson to represent their message and image to the public.

To start, decide what issue you want to focus on in your video.

Your video can talk about any issue.

Sports, world peace, computer science, animals, really anything.

Make your video about something you really care about.

Click the "choose backdrop from library" icon, and select a backdrop that fits with your issue.

This example project is about sports, so the backdrop image is of a soccer field.

Click "choose sprite from library" to add a spokesperson for your cause.

Now that you've selected your spokesperson, program an opening message.

The opening message is an important part in persuading your audience to care about what's important to you.

Explain what your cause is and why they should care about it.

Select "looks", and add a "say" block.

Write in a message about your issue.

Add more "say" blocks if you'd like to make your message longer.

Make the text in the "say" blocks, stay on the screen for longer or shorter periods of time, by adjusting the value in the "seconds" bubble.

Try out different time lengths until you get something that looks right to you.

The "say" blocks will run only if you click them.

It would be cool if the animation started when you click the "play" button.

To make that happen, select the "play" button, and add a "when this sprite clicked" event.

Under this, add a "broadcast" block, on the broadcast block, click the drop down menu, select new message, and name it something like "play".

When you click the play button, the button broadcasts this message to any sprite that is waiting to receive it.

Select "spokesperson" sprite, and add a "when I receive" message to the top of your "say" blocks.

Make the message in this block, match the message you just created.

Now, when you click the "play" button, the button broadcasts a message to the spokesperson sprite, and the sprite begins talking.

This is a lot like pressing a play button to start a video on YouTube.

Now it's your turn, add a backdrop, and a spokesperson sprite, create your opening message, program the play button to broadcast the message "play", and program the sprite to begin talking when it receives the "play" message.


  1. Decide an issue that you care about for your video.
  2. Add a backdrop and spokesperson sprite.
  3. Create your opening message.
  4. Program the play button and the spokesperson.
  • "Falkland Islands Penguins 40" by Ben Tubby ( -- Licensed by CC BY 2.0 ( -- No modifications made to image