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2. Viral Video Introduction



And welcome to Day 7 of Google CS First Social Media.

Today you will build your own viral video animation.

A viral video is a video that is shared all over the internet, especially through social media.

Examples of viral videos include the Harlem Shake and the ALS ice bucket challenge.

The ice bucket challenge videos created awareness and raised millions of dollars to help people with ALS and to research treatments and find a cure for the disease.

To create your own viral video, you'll use the computer science concepts you learned in past days, including message passing or broadcasting.

Broadcasting sends a message from one part of a program to another.

You used broadcast in your Day 4 Pictogram project to send messages from the button sprites to the image sprites to change the way the images look.

In today’s project, you will tell the audience about an issue you care about.

This project is a little bit different than the ones you created in previous days.

Your finished project will look different from the ones your clubmates create because it will reflect your own personal ideas.

The core portion of today is short, so you will have plenty of time to make the project your own with add-ons.

To create your Viral Video, you’ll begin with a starter project.

This project contains three sprites and one extra backdrop.

In the next video, you will add your own spokesperson to introduce your issue.

To get started, click on the starter project link, click “remix,” and sign in to Scratch.

Then, return to CS First to watch the next video.

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  1. Open the starter project.
  2. Remix the project.
  3. Sign in to Scratch.