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7. Wrap-up: Viral Video


Today, you created a viral video animation to tell your audience about an important issue.

You used computer science concepts you learned in past days, including broadcast.

Share your viral video with your family and friends by copying the project URL from this tab into an email.

You can also share the project via any social media platforms you use.

In this club, you learned how to make social media games, animations, and tools using computer science.

However, social media is just a small part of what you can do with computer science.

Computer Science is a way to solve problems and create projects using computers.

Every person, and every field of study has problems that can be solved with the tools you’re learning in this club.

People use computer science to solve many different and unique problems, for example: Curing diseases Creating interactive school presentations Finding solutions to global hunger and food shortages Keeping track of homework assignments Manufacturing products with robots Recording music As you can see, there is an endless list of problems that computer scientists can solve.

There are many different ways to continue learning computer science after this CS First club ends.

You might have the option to take another CS First club. You can also continue to build projects in Scratch on your own, and even create projects for school, like interactive presentations and educational games.

In high school you will have opportunities to learn more computer science.

Some schools offer computer-science-related clubs, like robotics or game design.

You might also have the option to take a Computer Science class.

These classes might include: Exploring Computer Science (or ECS), AP Computer Science, and CS Principles After high school, you can study computer science in college.

Most colleges and universities offer computer science majors.

At some schools, you can even choose to specialize in things that interest you, like game design, medicine computational biology computer security software engineering, and many more!

Because computer science is so helpful in so many fields, nearly every industry needs tech-savvy people who understand and can use computer science.

Major tech companies, like Google and Facebook, need computer scientists, but so do other industries like manufacturing, healthcare, the military, finance, and education.

While you might decide to pursue a different path in life, understanding computer science can still benefit you in whatever you choose to do.

In just 7 days of this CS First club you have been able to accomplish a lot.

The next steps in learning computer science will be much easier now that you have developed a basic understanding of many CS concepts.

Seek out opportunities in high school and beyond to expand your knowledge.

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