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5. Clone More Obstacles
  • 1. Quick Survey
  • 2. Introduction to Loops
  • 3. Control the Racer
  • 4. Moving Obstacles
  • 5. Clone More Obstacles
  • 6. Program the Losing Condition
  • 7. Add-Ons
  • 8. Reflection
  • 9. Wrap-up: Extreme Sports
  • 10. Wrap-up: Share Your Project
  • 11. Wrap-up: Show Your Project
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  1. Randomly clone the obstacle sprite using "forever," "wait," "pick random," and the clone blocks.
  2. Hide the original obstacle sprite, show the clones when they appear, and delete them when they reach the left edge.
  3. Make random obstacles appear by using the "switch costume to" and "pick random" blocks.