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In this add-on, you’ll paint your favorite team or player’s jersey on the athlete.

The jersey doesn’t have to be for the sport you picked. If you made a tennis-themed project, but want to put a football jersey on your tennis player, that’s totally your call.

Make sure the athlete is selected. Click “costumes.” Before you start creating the jersey, right-click the selected sprite, and click “Duplicate.” This makes a copy of the sprite, so you can always go back to the original. Click the new duplicate sprite, and change it up.

Use the rectangle, ellipse, and line tools to draw on top of the duplicate sprite. Pick colors below, then draw the jersey on top of the sprite. Feel free to duplicate more costumes and draw as many jerseys as you want! Here's the game plan: Duplicate the athlete's costume. Then, use the costume editor and tools to design a custom jersey. Personally, I’ll be designing a University of Michigan jersey.

Go Blue!

Choose an Add-On
Bounce Reaction
Program the ball sprite to do or say something when it bounces.
Team Jersey
Design your athlete to reflect your favorite team.
Second Player
Add a second athlete to make a two player game.
Keep Score
Add a score counter to the game.
Play the Computer
Program a sprite to play against the user.
Random Rebound
Make the ball bounce in a random direction.
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