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In this add-on you’ll insert a highlight reel into your post-game interview, just like the ones you see after watching your favorite sports team play. Highlight reels are a sweet way to watch the high points of an athlete’s or team’s performance.

The video will give you some ideas for highlights you could show. Then, use your creativity to make the athlete do some sweet moves. For starters, the interviewer needs to hide while the athlete reenacts the game-winning moves. Choose an event that will make this happen, like a keypress event. Under that event, make the interviewer hide for a few seconds, then show after the highlights finish. The athlete should start performing with the same event. Under the event, use blocks from “motion,” “looks,” and “control” to make the athlete move around and show off signature moves.

Consider adding an opponent sprite that starts moving with the same event block. Make the new sprite “show” when the keypress event happens, then “hide” after the highlight sequence is finished, which is the opposite of what the interviewer sprite does.

Finally, reset your athlete sprite to go back to its original interview spot with a “go to” block. Have fun programming a cool highlight reel.

Here’s the gameplan: Use at least two of the same “event” block.

With one, make the interviewer hide, wait, and show.

With the other, start the athlete’s performance. Consider adding an opponent sprite that shows, moves, then hides with the same event.

Choose an Add-On
Hot Seat
Make the user answer an interview question!
Show off the athlete's coolest move of the game.
Funky Phrases
Prompt your athlete to say random things!
Photobomb (Challenge)
Program a sprite to pop onto the stage and interrupt the interview.
Gatorade Shower (Challenge)
Dump Gatorade on your athlete's head.
Flash Photography
Have fans take pictures of the victorious athlete.
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  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!