In this video, create an interview between two sprites.

First, make the newly added sprite talk with the interviewer sprite.

Click on the interviewer.

From the looks menu, drag out a saver two seconds block.

Make it say an interview question.

This example will say what challenges did you have to overcome?

Tell the interviewer when to start.

From the events menu, place a when flag click block above the say block to start the interview when the flag is clicked.

Click the flag.

The interviewer asked the question.

Next, program a response.

Click on your sprite that represents you.

From the looks menu, drag out another say block.

In this one, answer the question.

This example says, initially, I had a hard time putting blocks in the right order, but I kept trying until I figured it out.

From the events menu, place a when flag click block above the say block.

Click the flag.

It works, but your answer and the interviewer's question happen at the same time.

Make your sprite wait to answer until the interviewer is done asking the question.

From the control menu, place a wait block between the when flag clicked and say blocks.

Your sprite should wait the amount of time it takes for the interviewer to say the question.

Click on the interviewer.

In this example, the interviewer speaks for two seconds.

Click on the sprite that represents you again and change the value in the wait block to two seconds.

Click the flag again.

The interviewer asks a question, then the sprite responds.

Pretty cool.

Keep doing this for more questions and answers.

Use wait blocks in the interviewers wait blocks stack two.

Make the sprites for each other to finish talking.

The example shows the interviewer and the athlete asking and answering questions, complementing teammates, and thanking their host.

Use this interview to reflect on what you've learned.

You might talk about your experiences.

Thank the people who helped you and remember the fun things you did.

This is also your chance to show off your coding skills that you've learned and use the blocks and techniques you explored in previous activities to create one more awesome project.

Once you created a short dialogue, move on to the next page.

There, you'll find a lot of cool add ons to try for your post game interview.

All right, here's the game plan.

Open and remix the starter project.

Then, add a sprite to represent you in the interview.

Create a dialogue between your sprite and the interviewer using say, wait, and when flag click blocks.

Finally, jump into the awesome add ons on the next page.


Create a dialogue between your sprite and the interviewer using "say," "wait," and "when flag clicked" blocks.